Security Systems and Installations

Security is a rising concern in the World today.  A physical security system is a cost effective way of protecting your assets.  


Phoenix Loss Prevention can help you decide on the security products that will meet your needs and expectations at a reasonable price. 

Digital Video Surveillance Systems


Once upon a time, analog technology represented grainy and expensive video surveillance systems.  Technology has changed and digital video surveillance is making analog technology obsolete.  Today’s digital video surveillance systems are far superior.  Viewing live or recorded footage is as good as watching your favorite TV show.

Phoenix specializes in:

  • IP Cameras

  • Recording hardware & Software solutions

  • NVRs & DVRs

  • Remote Web Viewing

  • Monitoring Areas/Guard Viewing Stations

  • Networking & Cabling

  • Design, Installation, Training, Maintenance and Support

Advantages of a Ditigal Video Surveillance System


  • Reduces losses and theft

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Can be integrated

  • Deterrent

  • Networkable

  • Cost-Effective and Scalable

Alarm Systems:  Protect What Matters!

Whether it’s your business or home, alarm systems have come a long way.  Control your alarm system from your phone or computer.  Get email notifications, leave messages for family members and most importantly know that the security company you choose can help make changes to your alarm system with a phone call.  Not a service call!


Total Connect Monitoring $30 per month!  No contracts!  Easy Installation!  Hassle free changes!

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Gate Operators

Gate operators offer a great entry and exit solution to your parking lot. A few advantages are high security, privacy and traffic control.  Gate operators can be easily integrated with access control and intercoms or controlled by security guards. 

​Access Control


Access Control offers business owners today a great way to feel secure and gain control over their commercial facilities. Access control can let you know who is in your premises and when, enabling you to limit entry to those staff and visitors entitled to have access and even control what times they can enter. It also enables restricted access, safeguarding different areas. 


While some view access control as only a security feature many employers are using it to improve staff management and use it in case of an emergency or fire.  Access control software can quickly generate reports letting you know who is in the building in case of a necessary evacuation.  It can also show staff movement and can be used to keep time and attendance. 


Phoenix Loss Prevention installs access control systems ranging from 1 to 100 doors.  We have skilled technicians who have set up access control systems in manufacturing facilities, food processing facilities, food distribution warehouses, petroleum distribution centers, schools, and churches.  Many of these systems have been integrated with cameras, gates, intercoms, and turnstiles.  All of these systems are designed and installed by Phoenix Loss Prevention. 



To improve the physical security of buildings and facilities one of the best options is turnstiles.  This helps control employee and visitor access.  Turnstiles integrate easily with access control making sure that only specifically cleared individuals are entering your facility.  Phoenix has installed many different turnstile options and integrates them with access control for a seamless entry option for our clients.      

Why Phoenix Loss Prevention?


Phoenix Loss Prevention has considerable experience in the electronic security field.  No matter what the issue is we have the knowledge and skill set to install and maintain all your electronic security needs.  Our electronic security products are carefully picked out for different environments.  Whether our products will be indoor, outdoor, in warehouses or heavy spray down areas we have the proper solution for you.


When visiting a new client a site survey will be done to help see what different security options can fill your needs.  Our lead technicians handle installation jobs from start to finish.  The same technician you meet regarding your needs will be the same technician that does the design, installation, training, maintenance and support of the system installed.


Phoenix can provide you with ALL of your security needs.  We can also make sure the RIGHT security solutions are being utilized.