Workers' Comp Fraud Investigation

Protecting workers' compensation benefits for those with true need.


National Insurance Crime Bureau estimates that workers' comp fraud is the fastest growing insurance scam in the nation, costing billions nationally. Ten cents of each premium is wasted on fraud.

Workers' comp fraud cases come in many different varieties. Injuries can range from a hurt back to unseen ailments. Fraud can be uncovered when an employee is caught working another job or seen doing an activity that would prove the workers' comp injury is false.


Our investigators use video documentation to prove workers' comp fraud.

Many claims departments have “red flags” that shows greater likelihood of fraud.


Red Flags:

  • Accidents that occur early Monday morning can be viewed with suspicion, because the injury may have occurred over the weekend.


  • A worker who is injured and is reluctant to go to treatment from a doctor or physical therapist may be trying to conceal a phony injury.


  • An employee who may know that they are about to be laid off, may make a workers' comp claim, because they are unhappy with the employer.

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